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Welcome to the South Wales Police and Crime Commissioner’s funding portal.

The Commissioner is responsible for a number for funding streams which allow him to meet the priorities and outcomes outlined in the Police and Crime Plan.  The Commissioner is able to award funding to organisations who are contributing towards those priorities and towards a safer South Wales.

This portal allows organisations to apply for available funding and manage grants online.

For more information about funding opportunities currently available please get in touch or visit

Grant scheme to support those impacted by Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs)

The Welsh Government have announced a £450k grant scheme for individuals and organisations across Wales who undertake activities with those who are, or have been, affected by Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs).

The scheme aims to bolster initiatives that support individuals growing up, or living in homes, where there is domestic abuse or substance misuse, as well as those which provide practical support for families to help them deal with issues like family finance, or parenting to improve resilience. In addition, funding may also be used to support individuals or organisations that deliver activities to improve mental and physical health, or those which encourage communities to build their collective strength and support for one another.

Now open for applications, the grant scheme provides funding across four distinct streams:

  1. Up to £200 non-constituted groups no group bank account
  2. Up to £500 non-constituted group with group account
  3. Up to £20,000 constituted groups with bank account
  4. Up to £30,000 consortium

CLOSED: This will reopen in January 2023

THE SOUTH WALES YOUTH TRUST is a registered charity with the aim that  young people living in the South Wales Police area lead safe, healthy and fulfilling lives and are diverted away from crime, anti-social behaviour or substance misuse.  

Applications to the South Wales Police Youth Trust can be made via this funding portal. Please use the ‘Get involved’ menu; Register to apply option below to register your details as an applicant first. You can then start your on line application.  For more information about the Trust please go to South Wales Police Youth Trust | South Wales Police (

For general fund enquiries please email